Love/Horror Poem: ALIVE

Knees quivering, heart jumping,
Pulse racing, soul leaping…

That was how she felt before she saw HIM…
The thought that she might even get to see him,
made her lips tremble.
Fear and excitement, felt all at once.
She still could feel alive inside,
even if her heart froze in passion.

She caught a swift glimpse of her reflection,
in a rustic oval antique mirror.
Looking back at herself was a young gaunt figure,
with long jet-black hair and crimson highlights
that flowed over her narrow shoulders in waves.
She flashed a pearly white fanged smile
that sat upon a pale ivory face.

Leaning in closer to the mirror,
she studied her reflection
to see that the innocent twinkle of her once blue eyes was gone.
Those cold blue eyes began to slide into a bloody dark red.

Mouth watering, she thirsted for life.
Although, her heart no longer pounded profusely.
It still troubled her, even in death,
for a love that she couldn’t have.

Stretching out her long fingers, sharp claw-like nails extracted.
She ran them down the white painted walls,
leaving behind scratch marks and
screamed in agony
Passion that froze her heart in time,
for a love she couldn’t have.

Knees quivering, heart jumping,
pulse racing, soul leaping.
The thoughts made her feel alive inside.
Passion that froze her heart in time,
for a love she couldn’t have.

Again, she veered at her reflection,
watching her eyes glaze over in a deep pool of red.
Red fury, red love, red hate…
Red love.
freezing her heart in time.

With no exceptions,
she decided to set out.
Dressing in skin black tights,
and a see through black and white knitted top.
Black stilettos and painted pink lips.
Mouth watering, she thirsted for life,
Smiling with her pearly white fangs.

Into a building, she knew he stayed,
she walked inside,
opening the glass doors, in search of his presence.
Passing through the crowded halls,
she caught scents of other powerful perfumed souls…
Although, she thirsted for his life only.

Knees quivering, heart jumping,
Pulse racing, soul leaping,
Trembling lips…
the very thought…
Mouth watering,
at the very sight of him.

Nervously shaking, she walks up.
Her eyes fixated upon his tall fit muscular handsome figure.
His musk cologne, leaving a sweet trail under her nose.

Closer yet, hands shaking,
taps him on his broad shoulder.
Turning around, his sparkling blue eyes meet hers…
Although, her gleaming once loving blue eyes are no longer innocent.
They slide back into a bloody death red…

She grabs his face in the palm of her pale ivory hand,
while the other claws down his back,
ripping his blue dress shirt.
Pulling him in for a powerful gripping kiss.

Mouth watering, she thirsted for his life only.
Astounded and overcome by her sudden power,
he gives in.

Red fury, red love, red hate…
Red love.
Her heart fr-

She still feels alive inside.

Published by Ariana R. Cherry

“Within the depths of our mind, we are battling the duel of light and darkness…good and evil…love and hate…” Between Light and Darkness is Ariana’s most recent collection of poetry… Cherry’s frequent message she delivers throughout her work is, “The journey through the darkness, back into the light.” Her hope is to let others know that they won’t be in that place of darkness for long – that they indeed can reach the light once again…She also wants her readers to know – that – it is okay if they find themselves in that bleak blackness…Sometimes we feel guilty for going to that dark place – but it is necessary to conquer the demons that battle our souls…. Other books that Cherry has written include "Only If" and "Twisted Paths Poetry." Her epic tale, “Only If,” won the “Reader’s Favorite Award” and a 5 star review…and her collection, “Twisted Paths Poetry,” received a 5 star review from Realistic Poetry International. She has been writing ever since she was a child. Some of her inspirations include Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost, Stephen King, Emily Dickinson, Christopher Pike and Shel Silverstein. Ariana writes a variety of genres: inspirational, humorous and horror – although writing horror is one of her favorites…. She was 12 years old when she read Poe for the very first time – which inspired her epic poetry tale, “Only If.“ During other parts of her free time, she enjoys taking photos and creating art. Her “day-jobs” include working as a church administrative aide and reporting for a local newspaper.

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