Posted: June 24, 2014 in Inspirational Poetry

Her soul leaped inside of her
in a rage, as she felt
trapped in her skin,
like a cage.

She saw the heart of her spirit.
All the good, bad, and
all of the joy,
that came with it.

She lived beyond the world
and all of its worth.
To some point, she understood
the “ifs,” “buts”
and all that she could.

But somehow, it wasn’t
always satisfying.
Inside, her soul
was hungry for more.
Inside, she felt it crawling,
knocking at her inner-heart’s door.

Every day, she looked in the mirror,
staring at her own mortality.
How could such a journey ever be
the end of her?

In her heart, she felt something
urging for more.

Through all of her life, as she’s grown,
her heart felt at war.
Somehow, the secrets, it had known.

“There’s more to life than this.”
The journey was in her,
rooted to her very core.

With each heart beat, she continues living,
Stepping towards her path,
working towards the center of her very being.

To all of this,
there’s a reason.
We hold our breath
and languish
in every last kiss.

The battle is internal
and the journey,
is forever,


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