Divine Love

Posted: July 12, 2014 in Inspirational Poetry
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Under the super moon
Of a late evening nighttime sky.
I sit out on the lawn,
Deep in thought, 
Giving thoughts and questions
In the form of a prayer….

Above, the stars twinkle and shine,
The scene is so beautiful and divine…
I can’t even fathom the thought of those
Who believe that a God and higher power
Isn’t even there…

In my mind,
I see such beauty and grace,
In my heart,
I can feel the kiss that my
Lord bestows upon my face….

In a world of wide multitude and
All powers surreal,
In my heart, I know that there is
A home of heaven….
It’s everything inside of me
And those feelings are real.

How could I ever question that
Such a divinity doesn’t exist…
Every bone, particle and matter
I am made of..
Its exquisite creation…
There’s so much that I can list…
Dear brother, I look thee in the eye,
Don’t try to convince me otherwise..
Don’t even try…

I’m a part of you…
And you…a part of me…
The feelings in my heart are
So powerful,
The power of love is
Everything it’s meant to be.

– ariana cherry 2014


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