Poem: May I have this dance?


May I have this dance?
I stand here in the corner,
in some type of foggy trance.

May I have this dance?
It’s been awhile,
since I have been given the chance.

In the dark,
under the sparkling lights,
My mind races back,
trying to find that magical spark.

May I have this dance?

The music takes me back,
and my heart races
to everything that I used to know.

Every memory,
every forgotten word,
The years have gone by,
It’s getting harder and harder to track.

I need one more embrace.
One more time to look at your precious face.

I saw you in my nighttime dreams,
Everything inside of me felt so real it seemed.

I missed you then,
but more than ever now.
Your voice and your words,
It’s in every place
that I’ve been.

May I have this dance?
Not too slow,
not too fast.
But just enough,
to see you one more time.
Just one more chance.

I needed more time.
I try to stop the tears
like it’s some kind of crime.

Its been years since I’ve heard the music,
The fight with the pain,
sometimes I feel like I’ve been losing.

I buried the memories under my heart,
so far under,
that I forgot to break them all apart.

They are still there.
Please, turn on the music,
Hold my heart,
The memories are all that I can bare.

May I have this dance?
Let’s walk together…
and create our own timeless trance.

One more evening.
One more chance.

Don’t make me wait too long.
My heart is bleeding.

Let’s don’t think about the past
and what went wrong.

I just need one more moment,
no words need to be spoken.

May I have this dance?

Just to say,
that I love you.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014


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