Poetry: Life Carries On

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Inspirational Poetry, Inspirational Sayings
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Time is unlimited.
I don’t know how long I’ll keep breathing.
Or how long my heart will continue beating.
But I know that my soul will carry on.
My love is like the waters of the ocean.
It flows on forever ..

With each wave, my hope
Transcends into peace and tranquility.
A hope that is innocent and pure like
The blue waters that flow within.

Inside, I carry a life.
A life with a journey of twists and turns.
And one full of trial and error with resolutions learned.
A gift that God bestowed upon me,
So that we may learn what it feels to be alive.

Every single day, I awake with a prayer,
Hopeful to be alive for another time.
I breathe in the breath of life,
Awaiting for today’s new trial.

I lie here in a moment.
Treasuring this time.
How long it will last is unknown.
I am just one amongst many,
But we all have our own destiny.
Today I am here,
Standing forever in another
Time still,
Glimmering like the shining stars above,
As I was built to carry on
Through the Lord’s love.

Ariana Cherry 2014


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