Posted: August 4, 2014 in Inspirational Poetry
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There are people in our lives,
Who sometimes take us as a fool,
Although they can be quite successful,
And leave us hunkering down,
Feeling like a real tool.

There are those who don’t appreciate,
No matter how hard we try.
Then we find ourselves in the dark,
Hiding away,
Cause we don’t dare let them see us cry.

Life can be complicated with all of these trials.
It leaves us with questions,
And we question why,
Or perhaps ponder the meaning
Of life…

Life’s misfortunes, or perhaps,
They can be called,
The ultimate test,
Can drive us to levels we haven’t been.
We truly find out our level of strength,
Seeing how far we can take it until the end…

People play our hearts like a game,
They don’t realize we are a human with a name.
Our strings are plucked,
hearts are trampled,
until the point, we find ourselves laying flat in the dust.

It’s at that point, we must ask,
What is the real most important task?
What’s really at stake?

If we let those kind allow us to fall,
Then the true meaning of life
Was never learned at all….

While it may be easier to be angry and hate,
Perhaps it’s us,
Those humans with a name,
That have to take the rod,
And teach them, what it’s like in life to appreciate…

-Ariana Cherry 2014



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