My lips are sealed stale dry,
Eyes are dazed thousands of times over,
That I’ve forgotten what it’s like to cry.

Oh, dear soul, I peer unto you,
My lovely dear soul,
You inquire to thee
And ravish your hatred upon me.

Those thoughts you pour through my head,
The ones, you left me for dead..
Without comprehendible words,
I spend days uncovering the darkened depths of my mind.

Oh the things I’ve seen!
Such poison!
Dreary hairy sunken eyed rats!
Devilish two-headed monstrous bats!
Blood sucking demons ripping my forgotten soul….

They grow by the second..
Feeding on my unsettled brain.
Darkness I embrace it,
Every kind,
Tearing my heart apart.

Oh dear soul,
Thy darkness has made me weary.
I sit with these darkened aged tortures,
Left only to stare at a blank tattered wall.
Sometimes, I forget , and can’t remember who I am at all.

And so, within this putrid chamber of horrific Hell,
Tis’ I sit, with nothing to tell,
Only glistening into flaming darkened pits,
While I gnaw my fingernails down to the bits.
They break and bleed rivers of blood,
Dripping and leaving stains on the old gnarled rug.

Oh, for within my soul,
My heart pierces thy chest.
The pain, so intense,
I shrill in pure orgasmic ecstasy.
Feeling the hurt is what I endure
The best.  

In complete madness, laughter echoes out.
My fingers pull on the sagging skin around my bleak lifeless eyes,
As they gouge my blood-shot eyeballs all about.

I sit, writhing with incomprehensible explanation.
I pull out my thinning hair…
Telling myself,
I’m in Hell!
What do I care?

Oh dear soul,
Such a cruel trite life!
I manager to banter inside,

“Let it be, oh let it be!”

Oh, tis’ I am lost.
Trapped inside a death chamber
Without a clear thought to remember.
The beauty…and the wanderlust.

Inside, I laugh and cringe at my surrendered stupidity.
The Devil has gone and captured me!

Oh pity!
Oh poor!
Such dear soul.
Thy heart is shattered.
Tis’ there is no light anymore!

Close the door!

Just go!
Carry on!
And let it be….

– Ariana Cherry 2014


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