A Chance of Redemption ?


Is there an eternity where the wicked writhe in pain?
A dark place down under with hot burning flames
With no love to gain?

Those who have made their wrongful mark,
And stand no chance to repent-
Do we really send them away,
Never a chance of redemption
Or a spiritual cleansing journey to embark?

After all we have learned of God’s love,
Would he really throw his children
Into the flaming pits of eternal damnation?
And turn them away from a chance of
Newfound wisdom and salvation ?

What about forgiveness of sins,
And brotherly love?
Think of what we were taught
From our Savior up above…

Is there an eternal burning Hell,
A place of pain and despair
Filled with all the secrets that we didn’t tell?

Man has created the wrath of evil,
For those who choose to turn away,
It will be their choice to decide
To live in God’s love
And where they will stay…

God loves us all,
But it is up to us if we
Decide to answer his call.

Because when it’s the very end,
That’s when our own personal journey
Will begin….

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