The Silent Fight ( RIP Robin Williams)

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Inspirational Poetry
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When the silence
Has become anything but golden,
And the laughs forced,
Listen beyond the sound…

Somewhere in those giggles,
A tear could be heard,
falling to the ground…

When someone has entered with their head staring at their feet,
Go to them,
with a smile and greet…

Eye contact and a warm presence,
Can mean all the world ,
When facing a dark resistance…

Some don’t always speak volumes
And remain silent.
Go to them, let them know it is okay to trust and vent.

And remember to say I love you.
Let them know that you care…

We can’t see someone
on the inside,
judge their pain.

But we can offer them
all of our love,
That they have to gain….

Darkness is lonely.
Show them the light.

Depression is a difficult war to fight…


In memory of Robin Williams…While we were busy laughing on the outside, he must have slowly been dying on the inside…May he rest in peace. Prayers to his family…


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