A Blood Rage Story


Tonight, I escape to the darkened city street,
hiding away from the reflections of blinding street-lamps.
Lost inside my own mind, hunkering down from society’s
so-called bliss of socialization.
I am not one with music of the city beat.

Oh how I cringe at the heartfelt laughs!
They painfully pierce through my ears.
And those stupid grins across those little pedestrian faces-
I desire to tear them right off!

Those moments of light, feel like cold weights on my soul.
The darkness embraces my spirit,
as I am a willful prisoner to the possession that it casts.

Under the pale moonlight,
I hide within the lost shadows.
The light tortures my writhing soul,
and weakens my spirit,
as I find myself enlightened through darkness.
This rage is not something that I can fight.

Along these dark paths I walk,
cautiously, taking in my surroundings,
as not to have to breathe a word to the living.
Being amongst such folk,
only makes me hurt more, as I hear their worthless talk.

Yet, on this quite trite of a night,
Life does give me its best.
While trying to avoid a blinding street pole,
I see a glimmering ray of red,
Oh how it sparkles and shines!
My mouth salivating, at the thought of a tasty bite.

A quickening excitement warms my body,
pumping a new found life that triggers my heart.
It beats a series of vibrations throughout,
Playing its own original wicked rhapsody.

Once I am close enough,
I shed a happy tear,
for the warmth of fresh blood,
which I have come near.

Such a sight for my lifeless eyes!
The warm substance is a beauty within its own despise.

With a few fingers, I run them over,
feeling a left-over satisfying warmth
of its once old owner.

My heart tingles at its touch,
Oh, how I never have felt this close to ecstasy this much!
The dripping blood sings to me a story,
As it reveals a life-long memory.

With a quick tasty lick,
I begin to uncover,
what made this warm blood once tick.

“An uncovering of a rage willed mind,
Left a man nothing but madness,
in a horrible messy bind.

For there was an unkind love
with nothing there,
which left him in a hopeless despair.

All the hurt and anger roared through his heart,
Forcing him, to murder his lover,
The other half, his loving part.

His maiden cried out in vain,
Pleading to stop the cruelty and the pain.
She couldn’t see it was he, who cried every night,
his tears pouring like rain.”

And now, the remnants, her warm pasteurizing blood,
drip from a burning street pole,
Her selfish actions, taking their tole.

Still, the sparkling blood continues to glimmer,
fresh like it was yesterday.
As its ray of red, still casts a beckoning shimmer.

And so I embark
On one last enticing tasty lick.
Tis’, I can only understand such personal rage
and the story behind this vengeful blood,
of what can make a mad man tick.

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