Author’s Rage: Beware of the Horror Writer



One must be aware and careful
when battling the horror of writer’s rage.
The power and intensity of it all,
is not something that can be contained in a cage.

Pens flair with an evil reflecting glare,
and the paper burns up with hot ink.
Those thoughts can be more dangerous than you think!

The madness of horror,
even the writer can scare himself-
Often he doesn’t know,
what’s lurking around that hidden alley corner!

In the midst of the deep dark skies
where the full moon shines high above,
There are vicious monsters of different races
and soul-stealing demons
all around plotting and telling terrible evil lies…

Sometimes, their appearances are so horrendously gruesome,
It could be something that even the wicked, despise.

Such fearful stories as these, are for the big brave souls,
When readers aren’t paying attention,
they just might find themselves
falling down those long dark endless rabbit holes.

An author’s mind can go far beyond the depths of imagination,
There are many new frightening stories
and underworlds just waiting to unfold,
and all the startling secrets, unknown creatures and
mind-blowing adventures just waiting to be told.

All the horror and rage,
awaits on a blank piece of paper
which acts as the author’s stage.

As he leads you into his world of a forgotten darkness,
Present the one you love with one last goodbye kiss…

The time of your return is unknown,
When you realize, the hand you are holding,
is nothing but an old decayed brittle bone…

Step inside the horror writer’s story,
It’ll be quite the fearful entertaining ride,
one.. by… one…page.. by… page…
an unidentified body….
Blood-curdling screams…

Everything goes pitch dark.

Beware of the horror writer,
and his author’s rage.

Nothing will ever be the same,
on that once, blank white page.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014

All true writers will find that every piece of blank paper is their own personal stage…” (my own personal quote…. )

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