Lost, but I surrender…


Down the trotted path I troth,

breathing in a lost forgotten darkness

that I so terribly loathe.

My heart has grown cold,
and my blood is thin
as I begin to shiver
in the damp cool mist.

Why this place has forsaken me,
I do not know.
My memory is faded,
as it has lost its eternal glow.

At one point, I gave into surrender.
But I do not remember chanting,
all mighty God, surrender me!

My voice has cracked,
and my breath is short.
Strength has since escaped me.

How I only wish I could recall
my plea,
Oh Lord, good God,
Please surrender me!

All alone in a dark cool mist,
I’m trying to fathom even my last romance-
I can’t even remember my last
longing romantic kiss…

I am forsaken,
Twas it was me they have taken…

Hanging low, in a world so dark,
I can’t feel the warmth
of my once eternal glow.

My soul has shed,
and my heart has bled.
And all of those loud chaotic voices
keep repeating in my head…

Could I be dead?

Trapped in a moment,
without pure bliss…
How I long for one last goodbye kiss.

Oh, please someone remind me..
Who was it that stole me away from thee?

Lost in a cool damp forgotten mist.
I only cry out once more,
Oh God, please, I surrender…

Fill me with warmth,
I want to feel the light
of the eternal glow…

I’m so sorry…
I didn’t know.

Oh dear Lord, please surrender me…
They’ve taken me,
and I didn’t want to go.

I surrender…
I surrender…

Please show me
your eternal light.


Ariana R. Cherry 2014

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