The Looking Glass


Behind the Glass

As one looks through
the looking glass,

They see a world that seems familiar and safe.
Perhaps a place that reality hasn’t touched.

But what we see through
That glass,
Really isn’t the truth that
we see and know.

We portray a vision that
we want to see,
And convince ourselves,
that it exists.

When in fact, that vision is a world
We’ve created in our minds,
To make all of our life’s
decisions excusable.

Or we create a vision,
just to feel human
To live each day …each moment,
As we take each breath.

The looking glass can be quite convincing,
But don’t let it fool you.
There’s another twisted world inside that glass.
Our lives, and the world around us,
It can change so fast.

One heartbeat.
One blink…
We aren’t promised tomorrow.
We aren’t even promised our next breath.

Don’t let the mirror fool you.
It is only an illusion.

The only real mirror you will ever need is your heart….

Don’t let the dust blind you.

– Ariana R Cherry 2014

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