Love Connection

Love Connection

Love is not something to
take lightly.
It has its trials and tribulations,
And convictions of the heart.

Love is also a force that
Can tear the human heart apart.

Without love,
We feel like an empty vessel,
A black hole,
Praying to only be fulfilled.

Love is patient
And it is indeed kind,
But so often hard to find.
Especially in its pure form.

Love can heal,
As well as torture,
Forcing an angry heart
To feel.

We can run away from love,
Going miles beyond.
But it will find us,
Striking us with its force,
And it imprisons us,
Making us see
What was meant to be.

It is also an undying force
That will set us free.

Although, in the wrong hands ,
Love can cause pain,
And hurtful tears that fall like rain.
It makes us fear
Ever having to feel again.

But with a pure forgiving heart,
Love can also mend
Those strings that got torn apart.

Love is not to be taken lightly.
It is an invisible tool,
A bond that connects us all
To create a peaceful unity.

– ariana cherry 2015


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