Poem: Humanity Dead


“Humanity …

In a world of unrealistic expectations,
Modified body types, orientations, status
And religion,
Where judgement dresses the faces
Like a black Sunday suit.
It is hard to stay mentally stable,
Or want to stay grounded in a world
Filled with haze.

When did people become so blinded?
I wonder when Jesus will make them see?

The eyes of humanity stay focused on a dim light,
Spewing conversations that once left the mouths
Of smiling faces,
Which now are replaced with complacent stares.
I wonder when Jesus will bring back the
Light in their eyes?

It’s sometimes hard to remember the sounds
Of laughter and chatter that once filled
The streets.

When did communication become so dull?
One day, I fear, it will cease to exist at all.
Will Jesus bring back their voices?

The way humanity has come to worship life,
It cuts through the heart of love like
A bloody used knife.

Where did our past hope flee?
Is this what our world has come to be?

Will Jesus save them?
Will he come to rescue you and me?

– Ariana Cherry 2015

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