FIFTY SHADES OF GREY—More than just sex- It has depth

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Book Reviews, Web Content



A Raw Love Story filled with Depth and Emotion- It is not just about Sex

I’ll admit, that when it came to Fifty Shades of Grey, I was like most of the majority mainstreamers out there, thinking that there was the possibility that this book carried horrific sex scenes and that it was immoral. As the movie release for this book grew closer, the controversy grew larger. I had to find out what the talk was all about-and I wanted to form my own opinion by reading it for myself. Deep down, I actually felt guilty reading this book at first- I was already convinced that this book was immoral, sinful and went against all of my beliefs- but in order to participate in any discussions-I had to take that chance. I decided to dive into the world of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. And since I have now visited that world, my opinion of the entire book has changed- and there is a story beyond sex – It has tremendously weighed on my heart. There is a deeper, darker story, then anyone could ever imagine. If you have an open mind, the world of Christian Grey will truly captivate you.

Christian Grey is one dark, seductive messed up guy. But it isn’t all his fault. He did, indeed, have a rough start in life. His mom was a crack addict and prostitute- who brought home random guys-who abused Grey. And then she died, when Christian was only four. It left him an orphan-for he never knew where his father was. At the age of 15, he was seduced by a friend of his adoptive mother-Mrs. Robinson-who introduced him into the world of BDSM, where he was her submissive for six years. Although-he says, this is the love that saved him -which became the only love he knew-because he had withdrawn and really didn’t know how to love. This type of love-was normal to him. Deep down inside, Grey has pain that really never came to the surface because he keeps his emotions so locked inside-but come to the surface when he’ was in his “play-room.” Grey had no innocence. It had been lost-to the dark side.

Annastasia Steele. She was a breathe of fresh air in Christian’s world. Anna was the innocence that Christian lost. She defied all the odds compared to his other fifteen submissives. She wanted compromise. She wanted MORE… not just a contract. His mesmerizing eyes captivated Anna. It wasn’t his money that attracted her to him-it was his mystery, charm, sense of humor, intelligence and smart mouth that he fired right back at her… Anna really had no idea what she was getting herself into at first-until he introduced her to his world. And Anna was willing to come into this world to get close to him…

She wanted more than anything to love him-to show him love… Love he had never known. She wanted to TOUCH him-which he would not let her do….Anna was intelligent and never once was forced to do anything she didn’t want to-unlike what other negative reviews report. Anna consented to every act. This is not a story of abuse. It is a story of romance about two people from two very different worlds… But in a way-they both teach each other so much. Anna lived somewhat a sheltered life- and Christian-lived a life, locked inside himself- as his type of love he described as “singular.”

Annastasia changes Christian. He begins to compromise. He wants MORE too-he loves Anna. But he cannot escape the wrath of pain that dwells from deep down inside. It is the only world he knows and Anna so much wants him to escape that… Christian is used to getting what he wants and he is stubborn.

There are scenes in this book that are definitely beyond “rated R.’ It is for mature audiences-but this book is so much more than the sex that reads across some of the pages. You have to get past the scenes-dive not only into the minds of the characters-but you have to open your soul. Fifty Shades is raw-explicit, heart-wrenching and soul-catching. You will feel emotions you might have not experienced before…

This book is not sinful. It is real…. It is not a story of abuse. It is a romance story filled with depth to the very core. Fifty Shades is one of the most real romance stories that I have come across in a long time. Those who haven’t read this book- Do not make horrific statements or opinions without finishing it to its entirety—Then make your call. If you are afraid of the explicit material-then do not read it-but do not judge this book. This book touched my heart and soul.. You will feel the raw emotion in the pages and get lost in their world…… I am already moving onto book number two—I promise you-you won’t be able to put it down….


BY THE WAY: The MOVIE does not do the book justice what so ever—- BUT THE soundtrack is quite lovely… READ THE BOOK before seeing the movie.. If you were a fan of the book, you may be disappointed by the movie. The movie does not carry the depth that the book does.


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