The Nighttime Soul Battle

The Nighttime Soul Battle

In the dim moonlight
with pale stars hanging low in the black sky,
I sit up, awakened into the heavy darkness
of the cold air….

Awake I have risen,
disturbing thoughts flashing madly
through my confused mind,
Breaking through barriers,
my memory had shut down so long ago.

Tonight they escape.
Memories coming to a surface
that I ran from in my nightmares.

Heartbeat quickening
from the fear of the nights
that bring forth illusions
that tell a false tale.

The stillness of the quiet
can’t scream over the noise
that echoes in my head.

I shout into the night,
Screams cutting through
the thick air like a sharp knife.
Waiting for a response to reply back
in an empty house.

The air replies back,
cold, silent…
It allows me to hear my innermost fears.
and shouts vehemently back at me,
As it wickedly caresses my cheek.
I’m a hostage in my bed,
tugging at the satin sheets.

Inside, my breathing becomes shallow and heavy,
The thoughtless demons shut off my air supply.
I’m drowning inside,
While being pulled into an endless pit.

Somehow, my heart finds its fight,
as my soul battles the wicked fight
with darkness and light.

My worst nightmares and fearful desires
wrestle with my spirit,
Trying to force it to hang its head in shame.
A sanity is at war.

A restless heart,
finds its voice,
calling for the warriors
up above, who reign for purity.

A cast from the Heavens is drawn,
and God takes his hands and
holds my soul close to his heart,
wiping away my tears…

Blessing and baptizing me once more,
to capture the demons that have agonized me so.
Warm air slowly slides under the door
like a rescuing fog,
dissipating any coldness that sat so heavily
on my spirit…

God kisses the air,
Softly strokes my hair,
“Tis it is now done, my child…
You are saved…”

My soul has completed its nighttime battle,
wrestling with the haunts
that so wickedly arose
from deep inside…

-Ariana Cherry 2015

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