Poem: My Path


My Path

“While I may appear to be falling apart,
I am only stumbling over the rocks
On the journey in which the Lord has
Brought forth to me.

They are lessons in the sand in which he has brought me to learn.
His love will lead me
And faith will break me free.

I am just a soul with a loving heart,
Every vein, every bone…
The wretched will not break it apart
For my blood to spill,
So that everyone will see.

I walk in solitude,
With the strength that
The Lord hath given me.
He has provided me with
A loving heart,
To share with all…

No the wretched will
Not damage me.
The Lord has given me a vision.
I will not be blind.
He has allowed me to see.

I am on my journey.
He has laid down the path.
Nobody else can direct it
But He.

– Ariana Cherry 2015

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