Poem: Beyond the Universe


Beyond the Universe

Beyond the vast universe,
amongst the farthest plane
where the stars burn on fire
shining the brightest lights
that are eyes could ever imagine,

is another world,
another place,
Where realities tell a different tale-
another perspective
that our minds
could perhaps not even fathom.

Another open door
that lead to a different
A unique outcome of a
situation you questioned
from times ago.

In another lifetime,
lives in between other
lives lived…

The vastness is something
far beyond your mind
could ever comprehend…

But with an open heart,
All those learned rules-
You can willingly bend.

Reaching out,
past the farthest star,
light years past the sunrise,
lies another untold world,
A place where all of the unexplained,
is finally told.

There’s more,
than just the open space
the stares right in
front of your face…

In another place,
another time,
we stood…

Our souls,
Just living on,
like we do today…

Until the fog and dust,
blew it all away.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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