Poem: Peter’s Betrayal and The Last Supper


With emotions of worry, doubt and some confusion,
disciples who honored their honorable teacher, Jesus,
joined him at the rustic table, ready for the Last Supper.

Together, with open hearts,
The disciples broke bread, and shared wine
with their heavenly master.

After a warning from Jesus,
it was told that,
one of them would betray him,
for they, would turn away from their heart
in denial.

As they gathered,
a question weighed heavy on their hearts…

“Am I the one?”

Each worried soul took his turn around the table,
in fear they would disappoint their teacher,
Worried, that it would be he,
who would betray Jesus.

How could their faithful hearts,
become the center,
of a wicked betrayal?

It seemed impossible
with the sacred love,
that each one bestowed
upon his teacher.

Together, with open hearts,
they broke bread,
and shared wine.

Jesus passed the bread around the table,
Blessing it with his everlasting love.

The disciples were weary,
hoping it would not be
he, who would be filled with deceit.

“Take it, eat it,
for this is my body.”

Then the red wine in its shimmering glass
passed through each of the men,
Eyeing it with honor,
hoping it would not be he,
who would be filled with deceit.

Jesus said,
“This is my blood,
which seals the covenant.
This, we pour,
to forgive the sins of many…”

“Do this, in remembrance of me.”

The men sipped their wine,
with hope and fear,
hoping it would not be he,
who would be filled with deceit.

And once, after they had come together
for their last supper with the teacher,
They sang soulful hymns,
and began their travels to Mount Olives.

Upon arrival, Jesus again,
foretold the men,
of how their actions and hearts
would pass.

“You will desert me tonight,” he warned.

“Although, once I am raised from the dead,
I will go ahead of you to Galilee,
and meet you there.”

Again, the disciples grew weary,
hoping it would not be he,
who would be filled with deceit.

One of the disciples , Peter,
a faithful follower,
who believed he had such a strong heart
protested towards his teacher…

“Even if they all shall desert you-
I never will!”

Solemnly, with his eyes focusing on Peter,
Jesus confessed…

“Peter, it is actually you,
who will deny me three times
this very night,
before the rooster crows…”

In heartbroken shame,
Peter fell to his knees
in front of his master

“No! Not even if I have to die with you,
I shall never deny you.
I will never deny you!”

Peter protested in agony
in a heartbroken shame.

Again, he proclaimed he shall never
deny Jesus-
He and all of the disciples
would never deny their King…

and as the night grew darker,
Jesus left the others
to go and pray to his father,
while the others were weary,
hoping it would not be they,
who would bring their teacher

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014

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