A Nighttime Promise

A Nighttime Promise

In the darkness,                                                                                                                                                                         she wanders about, listlessly,                                                                                                                                                     under the glow of a red moon that shines from the old window panes.
Outside, the stars twinkle slowly,
mimicking her breath pattern, trying to ease the night away.

She tries to sit down in the wooden kitchen chair, but the glow of the moon is a strain on her eyes.                                         Maybe it just wasn’t the moonlight,                                                                                                                                             but perhaps, it was the heavy air that presented itself in the darkness.

Tonight, she wasn’t alone,
because her thoughts rolled in like waves in an ocean, drowning her in a continuous tidal pool …

Somewhere in the darkness,
the silence had been stolen
and replaced with the stuttering of her mind.

For the first time, the stars and the moonlight were anything but comforting.                                                                         They were a reminder of peaceful walks and simpler times.

The darkness tugged at her heart, tears spilled down her cheeks,                                                                                     glistening under the glow of the red moon
that shone from the old window panes.

There was a time when the air wasn’t so cold, a time,                                                                                                         when all of those locked up memories, didn’t unfold.

Tonight, each one played a scene,                                                                                                                               reminding her of everything and everywhere she had been.

Pulling out a pen, she began to write the notes of her heart,                                                                                                     allowing everything inside of her to fall apart.

The memories will haunt you… Memories will keep you and they will also make, or break you.

Oh my precious soul, it shall be stronger than I will ever know.

I speak the words of my heart, allowing my spirit to sing.

Please warm this darkness, and all the pain that it brings.

I may only be human, but inside, I am a soul, that just wishes to be free.

Free to live, free to laugh and free to love.

And from within the darkness, she lightly laid the pen down,                                                                                                     her mouth, forming into a serious frown.

Gathering herself from the old wooden chair, she rose, glimpsing at the glow of the red moon.

Another night. Another memory. Playing its own, heartfelt wistful tune.

Wiping away the sparkling tears from her soft pale cheek,

she drew a heart on the glass, of the old window pane,

the stars above, promising her of love, one day, again.


-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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