Poem: Scattered Words: Giving life to words



Piles of words, laid scattered on the floor,
trying to make sense of the mess.
They quizzically spelled out what seemed to be a simple confusion.

Phrases that so easily fit together,
now seemed complicated and conflicted.

Thoughts rambled,
and the words were like dust,
hiding under a thick silent fog,
although the words themselves,
spoke louder than anything else.

Letters tried to spell out
the meaning of life,
as punctuation carefully
made the appropriate pauses.

As the words, laid scattered,
they still made an impact,
as each meaning was clear,
it wasn’t always understood.

Silently, each phrase
came together,
in such a way,
that the fog would be lifted.

A story would be made,
a heart could be healed,
and a life
could be lived…

Just by sharing
-Ariana Cherry 2015

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