Poetry: Hazy Smoke


Hazy Smoke
Dreaming away in a hazy smoke,
dancing under a cresent moon,
I remember all that I was,
all that I have been…
and all there is to become.

In a foggy mess of timeless memories
that spin within an eternal wheel of life,
The dance keeps on,
and I glance into the hazy smoke
of unforgotten dreams.

I am not sure where the stars are shining tonight,
but I do see the glimmer of the moon,
that shines its rays of heavenly light,
as I dream away into the hazy smoke.

Through my eyes, nobody sees this life, but me.
The others voices, can stay silent,
as they are blind to the road that I have lived,
and have yet to travel.

Calm I am,
as the hazy smoke filters through the darkness.
Only I can see the light.
I travel through my own tunnel..

In the hazy smoke, I sang my own song,
and danced under a cresent moon.
I envisioned the being that I would like to be,
and the spirit that I would become.

And I remembered,
all that I was…
and who,
I will always be…

Throughout this life,
and unto the next…

as I saw the glory
of all my unforgotten dreams.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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