Stranger in the Mirror


Stranger in the Mirror

In the mirror,
an unknown world presents its reflection,
As a stranger with familiar eyes, stares back…

A place that was once identifiable,
Now seemed unrecognizable,
As a fog covered the dusty glass…

What always showed beyond the reflection
Wasn’t always the reality,
That the mind foretold…

The stranger with familiar eyes
Stood waiting for the fog to clear,
So that the truth could be seen
In a world that was once cold.

In another time,
In another place,
Her beauty might have radiated
Across her face.
But all that remained,
Was a minor crack,
The only trace.

Inside the mirror,
The stranger stood waiting….
Waiting for the fog to clear
Until her world would become familiar….
Something she knew.

-Ariana Cherry 2015

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