Poetry: Fly away to Freedom


monotony builds up a day,
and creates a week…
Specific days for certain tasks
creates a mind mold of boredom.

Searching for adventure,
looking for a cloud to
run and jump on
to take a ride to some place unknown…

Without a heart full of freedom,
that flies with the wind,
It is easy to stay stagnant,
with your feet stuck in the mud.

Your hair flying in the wind,
as your ride on the back of that
magic dragon,

When you wished upon a star…
It’s the fantasy get-away that will take you far…

Life can get you stuck,
and the mindless tasks
drag you into the black-hole,
with no escape…

Escape to the moon,
and wish upon the stars…

It is always okay to be free
and escape,
to that breathless, beautiful imagination,
that will fade away, and never be…

Unless you build it.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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