Poetry: Empathy




Sometimes, I feel all alone
in this wide universe,
even when I am surrounded by
so many people,
so many emotions
and so much noise…

The noise plays a music
that may seem deaf to others,
but sings a song so loud
like pure agony shrills
that pierce throughout my ears…

Every tear shed from the one who cries,
Somehow makes its way to my cheek,
as I wisp it away, trying not to hurt.

Every laugh bellowed from another,
echoes through the pit of my stomach
while I am left, feeling the leftovers
of an inside joke.

A shout in pure anger,
A feeling of sorrow hatred
Scares me to my very core,
as it rumbles my heart,
attempting to shatter it
into pieces.

The world can appear to be so silent and still
as the moon on a clear blue twilight evening,
Although when the stars twinkle, dance and shine,
it creates a sypmphony that only my eyes can see…
and anybody else, who
can feel the power of empathy.

Every single tingle and spark,
I will witness when I secretly see
a tender kiss upon moist lips,
will resignate through my heart.

I ache for that lasting love
and romantic tendencies find
their way through my dreams,
as I feel my way through a
whirlwind of ectasy,
of personal empathy.

When so much power of emotions
clutter a world that we once
thought was empty…

It’s easy to see,
that so much still
has the ability to exist,
when you release your will
to the desires
of empathy.

Ariana Cherry 2015

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