Poem: Moving on


Down a path of an everchanging life,
I look behind me…
Experencing all the events that once were
and the scenes that still are yet to be.

My heart beats emotionally to the tune of nature’s music,
walking down through the rocky path
of where I have yet to go.

The wise old trees welcome me with arms open,
embracing my presence,
Their leaves rustle in the breeze
and I look behind me,
remembering everything that I once knew.
Although I tred on, moving forward
toward a warm glowing sunshine,
with my feet firmly planted upon the ground.

A familiar tug pulls at my heart,
relishing on vivid memories that sting my youthful eyes.
Those memories carry a fear that echoe in my ears.
That time was only seconds, minutes, days, yet months ago…

My breathing increases and heart pounds in my chest
until the fear subsides.
A beaming moonlight calms my awakened senses
as I continue to step cautiously forward
escaping a nightmare that once tortured me…

Down the path, sparkling bright stars twinkle a smile,
leading me down a road that once was dark,
but now, sheds a loving light.
I carry on counting each beam of light
finding the constellations close to my heart
which bring back fond memories of childhood dreams.

Walking towards a ray of hope,
I turn my mind back once more
as I experiece everything that once was,
remembering those times
that now only make me stronger…

A voice of reason urges to carry on.
To walk on towards a lighted path.

I look behind me, blink back a tear
and then move ahead.
Realizing all the scenes,
that are still yet to be.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015


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