Poem: Phases



I was in a familiar routine for so many years.
Going here….and traveling there.
I knew the predictions.
My heart knew them so well,
it brought me to tears.

My life knew the direction it was going.
I predicted when the sun would rise,
when it would set.

Life was “normal.”
Until one day…
The brightest moon,
wasn’t full.
and the constellations in the stars…

My routine was swept away by the wind.
And one day,
I couldn’t say
when the sun would rise
or when it would set.

An unknown future,
set forth in my eyes
and that was when,
my heart and mind
began its war.

Life keeps on moving like a train.
It speeds toward its destination
until it derails.
in its tracks.

My heart broke into a million pieces
shattering all over a dark floor.
And I begin to spend seconds, minutes and
even hours,
trying to rebuild it again.

Although, some of the pieces had become rigid
when I forced them to fit into its place
and out of a usual routine
in uninterrupted heartbeats.

My heart, began beating on an off rhythm,
as it tried to catch up with the thoughts,
rushing through my mind like a freight train.
It moved towards a destination
with crossroads and derailments,
Stopping for the breaks in the road.

My heart tried to stop to sing
and take in the charismatic scene
Even though my mind pleaded to move on,
Returning back to a usual routine.

I am at war.
My heart knows no fault.

Ariana R. Cherry 2015


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