Dark Poetry: Master of Nightmares

Black_robe_by_Erdinmor-1 (1)

Master of Nightmares

Slow enticing deep down dread
filled the empty thoughts
in the young girl’s head.

All of the bustling noise that she once heard,
now lay stagnant and silent,
while waiting for the screams
of those screaming in writhing pain
dripping a fury blood red.

The intoxicating, frightening dreams
that shook and cradled her broken heart
literally tore apart her satin silk sheets
at their fragile seams.

Darkness arose with the cold airy room,
tugging at the young frightened girl,
filling her with an impending doom.

In a strange mental awareness
with an unappealing feeling,
the horrible nightmare left her trembling to her knees,
to the point of kneeling…

Kneeling to the master of nightmares
who rules the invisible kingdom
within the unseen darkness without cares.

A cold unwanted touch
by a thin skeletal finger
is not at all what the young girl
hoped for all that much…

The short pull of her long beautiful blonde hair
when she tried to tug away from the cold darkness
that lurked in the heavy air.

A long awaited entry from the nightmare master
was one of the most things feared from her.

Once embraced by the sliver of the icy chill,
His sunken dark eyes give her an unwanted thrill…

“Come hither,” he speaks
“For the night is undone,
there is more beyond this nightmare of fun…”

Disappearing into the haunted darkness,
the master continues his promised stay,
taking the young girl’s shaking small hand
and carrying her away…

Until sunlight awakens her home land.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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