Life on Pause: Mind war and ramblings


Sometimes there are days I feel like the entire world is against me. I can wake up and the day starts out fine and by evening, my mind is a roaring mess. I internalize everything to keep from falling apart on others and telling them how I really feel or how they really hurt me. I’d rather feel the pain myself then let someone else feel the pain that I have inside….even if they did hurt me. That…is how selfless I am. Being selfless is a part of my personality and it isn’t easy….I keep my mouth shut to avoid confrontation and to avoid the possibility of hurting anybody else….I can’t take seeing others in pain….because it hurts me too.,,

On the outside, there are people who think they know my life…my story, but they don’t. They don’t because I’ve kept so much private and I have that right….I don’t need to bombard social media with my life’s drama…..but people have no right to suspect things just because of how a situation seems…

Life can be hard….especially in a small town…where the walls feel like they are closing in…..where the number of people you can turn to, grow smaller….Trust is so hard to come by…..As you grow older, the number of people you can trust also grow smaller.

All I am trying to do is live my life. I am not perfect and all I want is happiness….and I want others around me to be happy too. Life will not make you happy by putting others down or giving them grief…no matter how good it makes you feel at that moment.

Before you see a person”s situation on the outside…and decide to talk about it or make a conclusion, contact the actual author of that story.,,or…the main character per say….Because those who are discussing it, may have not read the details exactly right. And one other fact, you can’t make a conclusion, or even wrap it up, when you don’t even know the ending of the story.

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