In desperation, they will fall victim to the darkness when the light blinds them.

Through the dark, the lost will reach out for a hand,

Only to be pushed back farther…

The darkness begins to taunt them

But captures their curiosity all the same.

The fallen may not agree with all the light has to offer,

so they turn to a mirage of possibilities

which seem unmistakably real.

Although, they shall find out later,

It was the bait to pull them in through the dark.

They become sullen, fallen creatures of uncertainty

Who will be tortured by the shadow spirits

and broken by a false hope.

With only a blinding light creeping through the cracks,

They will only hope to rise up,

without the fear of being pushed farther back

into a dark hole

where all possibilities of rebirth





Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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