Inspirational Poetry: Set it Free


Set it free

Sometimes, thou thinks too much,
Or does he speak too much?
Exactly, what does one think,
When he speaks?

Has he ever heard of silence?
The quiet still of the air?
Or the soft heartbeat
of the chest ?
Or perhaps, the breath from her lips?

Has thou taken a moment,
To let go?
To not think…
And just be?

Dearest, don’t let your thoughts
Torment you…
They shall only bring you pain..
Thoughts can simply haunt…

My darling,
Thou thinks too much….
Take your peace…
Listen to your inner heartbeat…

Thou speaks too much…
You must be silent,
Before your heart believes.

Live in the moment
Be free….
Capture that pain,
Throw it out
And let be.

We need no words…
No thoughts…
Just feelings,
That whisper from the trees…

My darling,
Listen to your heart,
In that moment,
You will be set free…

Ariana cherry 2014

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