Poem: They Were One

Back last October (2014), was an interesting month. Seemed like a lot of magical spiritual things were happening. A personal experience that month inspired this poem, and I posted it on Facebook, but it never made it to my blog. So I am posting it now….



Echoes of pure angels sang out from
beyond the pale sunset skies
in voices of harmony,
beauty and grace.
Heard through the ears of
every man, woman and race.

All was one.
They all had come.

Beyond the choir of heavenly angels,
the lighthouses stood,
With doors wide open,
welcoming every man, woman and child.

Paths of light, shined down every brook-stone path.
This was the place of peace.
Everyone’s home
after the war,
in the aftermath.

Twas it was their home,
a place of acceptance,
hope restored.
Love abundance.
All was one.
They all had come.

Sparkling blue waters,
caressed within the streaming waves.
They gently blew
beneath the bridge of the brook-stone path.
The ones that led to every lighthouse,
with its welcoming doors,
allowing everyone in.

All was one.
They all had come.

Harmony rang throughout the protected kingdom.
For the war was done.
Hate was gone.
The pain…

Shining from the windows of every city lighthouse,
a beacon shone it’s incredible ray of light.
Some rays lining up with those of the sun,
others, smiling down on the faces,
of the inhabitants who smiled,
because finally,
peace had come.

All was one.
They all had come.

The leaders of the valley,
exclaimed in shouts and praise,
Love was all around,
and restored.

It was the eternal hope,
The final key,
that unlocked the hidden door.

The horrid evil,
had been depleted,
It shed its skin.
And the war was done.

No wrath would walk upon the lands,
and not a tear would be shed.
Hearts were full,
and none of them bled.

All was one.
They all had come.

To the towers,
the rulers had fled,
ridding the world
of all the evil,
unjust and undead.

Now the towers stood majestic and tall.
Built with nothing, but courage, strength,
and love for all.

A guidepost for those in search,
that would lead them towards home,
so they’d never have to be alone.

This city by the sea,
with the waters that gently streamed
under the bridge
that lead to the brook-stone path,

It was a home for every woman, man and child,
so never again,
they’d never endure the evil wrath.
A row of street lights, bordered the city,
ensuring safety,
For all of those, who chose to be.

For a new dawn had come.
An era born.
Every woman, child and man…

They all had come.
They all were one.

-Ariana Cherry 2014

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