Poem: What’s Behind a Smile?

*I found this poem going through some of my old Facebook timeline and realized it wasn’t on my blog…. Just thought I would post it here… I wrote this back in December of last year. (2014). 

What’s Behind a Smile? 


What’s behind that mysterious smile?…
Has she gotten out in awhile?
Seen the world?
Chased her dreams?
What’s behind a smile?

What’s that story behind her eyes?
Has anyone ever made her cry?
Are they full of hope?
Or does she hide a secret
That nobody knows?

….Behind that face,
There’s a story…
…But sometimes,
You have to learn to look..
At the things that are unseen…

Nobody knows where she’s been…
Not everyone understands her journey…

Everyone of us is an unopened book..
We are all full of stories..

Don’t let the reviews persuade you…
And don’t ever judge a book
By its cover…

What’s behind a smile?
A glance?
Or inside a tear?

Do you know
All that a person fears?

What’s that story behind her eyes…?
…sit down, come listen…
You just might be here awhile…

Then..write your own review….

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014

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