Life on Pause: Second-Guessing, pondering, dealing with change…. We aren’t promised tomorrow


Life is only as complicated as we make it. From what medium, James Van Praagh mentions, is that this is all one great big classroom where we all learn lessons. I think we all learn lessons every day. We as humans thirst for knowledge, validation and acceptance.

Life can also be easy-depending on how we deal with the events that take place. Dealing with change is a way of testing us. It tests our emotions, strength, heart, soul and spirit. Changes can make us stronger or sometimes- make us feel weaker. Although-we must not let anything take charge of us- Only WE are in charge of our own lives.

I have to keep reminding myself of this almost daily. The changes I have endured over the year hasn’t been easy. I question my decisions almost daily. It was a rough time after watching a movie in which I identified with some of the major characters. I almost second guessed a major decision in my life- it totally touched my heart ….It was a rough night of sleep too…. But then I have to remember why I made that decision….  It wasn’t an easy one and I tried so hard for over 12 years to make a relationship work. Sometimes, it still haunts me… I am not one to give up. But I have to remember, (and I hope), I did everything for the best. (and also what was best for my daughter).

There are too many times that I spend pondering-and perhaps that isn’t always the most healthy thing to do. But often after watching or reading something that I identify with, it can be very hard to ignore…

I  guess I should take some advice, and sometimes- just go with it-instead of thinking about things too hard… I am not a person who likes to always be in the moment- I like to plan things…But I have had a few people around me, who enjoy being in the moment. I was told by a friend, “We aren’t promised tomorrow…” and that is very true…. I try to remember that statement, take a breath, and try to handle each second that I live…. Then sometimes, it gets easier.  I will try to quit second-guessing everything…

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