The Lives of Findlay & Sweetie, the Cats


I have two new kitties, Findlay and Sweetie. Findlay is a cream and white-colored male cat that is close to a year old that I rescued from a campground. His family left him there, went back home and expected him to live on his own through the winter outdoors. Sweetie is a female black and white striped kitten that I adopted from some of my neighbors. They had a dog and wasn’t sure if they could keep her and mentioned about possibly taking her to a shelter—So I said I would take her in…. That way, Findlay would have a playmate….

For the last week or so, the two have been getting to know each other -which that means a lot of rough-housing and there was a little bit of fighting that included hissing and growling- although the growling and hissing is now over … Basically, the two have developed a love-hate relationship. There are cute times when they lay together and bathe each other, and others, it is kitty-cat smack-down…

I will be sharing with you, the lives of these two – so have fun and get ready for a few eye-wrenching, humorous and adorable photos and videos…..

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