Poem: Fallen and Risen Warrior


Fallen and Risen Warrior

The times had its toll,
The price had been paid.
The warrior entered in,
fought with a brittle heart,
but then exited
with a fearful grace….

She walked along a rocky road
under a bright glowing moon
and her long hair flowed lightly
as it danced in the cool breeze.

The warrior felt her way through
a lonely darkness
With her head held high,
and tear-stained eyes.
She stayed focused,
even though, her favorite star had burnt out.

She marched on.

There were more steps to be trod,
As each one was lit up
from the glow of the high crescent moon.
T’was a dark and rocky path the warrior traveled

In the bleak autumn evening,
Faint lights flickered
as she passed through isolated and desolote

The warrior was determined to create
a new onward moment.

She marched on.

A heart of scars
built with uneven
emotional lines,
yet the warrior marched on.

Her soul, portrayed a strong-willed warrior.

She tries to live the life that has been destined.
A spirit attacked from the now and then.
With her guard, she plans for the
war of the future.

She marches on…

A warrior.

A warrior whose heart was attacked,
whose soul was beaten,
but has a spirit that is lifting…

She owns the night
and marches on.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2015

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