Poem: Angels Words of Change


The Angel’s Words of Change

I hear you whispering the words in my ear,
I feel your breath tingle on my cheek
because you are so near.

An angel from the universe,
your words are like a kiss
spoken with love that I’ve never heard.

You call to me in the late of the evening,
When the moon arises on high,
I try to close my eyes
to sleep away the reminders you bring.
Your words stay in my heart,
you won’t let me forget anything.

You call to me with song
that runs through my veins
as I feel every tune
every note,
The words,
you won’t let me get them wrong.

I am not sure why you have chosen me,
you make me bow to you like a king
on bended knee.
But otherwise, I am your word warrior
writing down the words that you make my heart sing.

Messages that you share,
you want people to hear your words everywhere.
You tell me to speak the truth
to share the stories of the book,
of all the men and women like Ruth.

Dear angel,
I am here.
And sometimes the things you say,
they touch my heart,
as my eyes shed a tear.

I will share the truth like you say
But I can’t promise everyone will listen today.
Perhaps later, or maybe tomorrow
But it’s their hearts that are filled with so much sorrow.

All I can do is continue to write
and to share and speak.
And when the people bow their heads,
Perhaps with prayer,
Their hearts will change
and do right.

Ariana R. Cherry 2013

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