Poem: Light in the Woods



The light in the Woods

A light flickered into the woods
As I made my way
Through the trees,
Looking to get lost.

An unknown rocky path,
I had trod , following the radiant glow
Of the flickering light.
A beacon of hope,
An escape from the darkness,
That once blanketed the forest.

A soft voice echoed through
The dark woods….

” Hush my dear child,
Do not be afraid
For the light shall guide your way.”

Cool air rustled the rustic tree leaves,
Making them dance in the silence,
As I continued towards the beckoning light.

The light continued to flicker
Becoming a soft cascading glow
Sending a warmth into the
Chilly air

Stopped on the path,
I found myself in the presence
Of the soft beaming glow.

A small voice whispered again,
Into the cold night…

” Hush my dear child,
I have been with you on your path.
Do not cry my love,
I have been holding you…”

And within the gleaming light,
A pair of soft angel wings brushed
Against my cheek,
Sending a love
That hugged my heart.

And ever so quietly,
She whispered in my ear,
Her breath, like a symphony

“Continue walking upon your path,
Dear child…
For I shall always guide you.
My love will protect and hold you.
And should you ever need help,
I will carry you…”

Into the night,
The dear angel ever did sing,
Her voice echoed into the darkness,
Sending a light down the rocky path,
Guiding with her loving light…

– ariana cherry 2014

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