Poetry: She silently screams



She Silently Screams

Through the fire and flames,

she foresaw the images of yesterday,

the fears and the terrors

that brought her nighttime dreams.

Those things that haunted her mind,

that made her silently scream.


An uncharted past, that so diligently

took up space in her head,

that carried disturbing thoughts

when she went to bed.

They kept her awake…

Sometimes it was more than she could take,

as she would so silently scream.


Moving on, towards an uncertain future,

her heart carried the weight of things

that once were.

Planning for each time,

only day by day,

instead of months at a time…

were now so much easier for her.


Her body carried an unseen strength,

something that never once was present on

the outside,

because too often, she spent too much time

lingering onto her soul,

that was breaking down deep inside,

as she would so silently scream…


Carrying a smile that so many others saw,

and singing a laughter that she only wrote the music to.

Nobody would hear her,

as she would so silently scream…


But she carried on,

with an unseen strength.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2014


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