Poetry: The Search



The Search

I don’t know when…
I don’t know when I saw
Looked at the
dancing sparkling stars
So far away
So small…
I don’t know…

When my mind devoured
The infinite universe…
Unearthed its vast knowledge…
I don’t know …

How my heart got lost
When it got buried in my soul…
I didn’t know…

I didn’t hear
When my sacred spirit shouted…
Screamed throughout the connected worlds…
Searching for you…
Searching for you to be near

…to speak
To advise
To sing
To talk to my soul…
I don’t know
I don’t know when

How to speak to the gentle angel
Who whispers in my ear…

A voice so soft
Breath echoing through
My heartbeats…

She advises me of the secrets
Of the world…
So I know…
So I can
Reach out to touch your hand…

So I can understand
Understand you
And the secrets
That got lost
In between our lands…

Her fingers strum the
Broken strings of my heart…
Touch the water streams
That fall from my soul…

I don’t know
I don’t know the words
To explain the pains
and fears of the
Universe that fall at my feet…

But the dear angel holds my heart,
Battling all those in a winning defeat…

I don’t know…
I don’t know when…
My world,
This universe
How it all began
Suffering all the conflicts
That slowly crumble its surface…

I try to hear
To listen
To understand
An infinite world,
And all its hopes
That unlock its secrets
In the palm
Of God’s hands…

While I try
Try to search
For you
And the love that
Everyone knew….

– ariana cherry 2015

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