The Mission for Nali: Prologue

I am starting a new novel titled, “The Mission of Nali.” It deals with living life and then – the afterlife… And all the in between – The Lords, Earth Angels and Healers. I decided to share the start of my prologue. I would be happy to hear your comments….




Beyond this life – and perhaps the next, there’s another world awaiting us. In this lifetime, we all know it as the “after-life” or Heaven. But – that description is what make us humans feel “safe.” Anything else is beyond our comprehension. Who really knows the meaning of infinity? – or who wants to live that? Humanity often fears the unknown – and that is what death is- the unknown. Nobody knows death until they actually “walk through those pearly gates…”  Or, you could follow the story of Nalia Minitski.

She once walked the ranks of humanity -like you and I. Then it was her time and  she took a step into “the beyond.” Nalia embraced eternity. She studied the human heart and its spirit. Nalia gathered so much knowledge that ranked high within the Lords of the after-life. She became one of the wisest with a pure heart of understanding. Nalia was special. And also very important. So important she took on a special project back to Earth and the living. She would reach out to those who had turned to the dark side and were broken-hearted. Nalia would be a healer. Although this project took a turn of its own…. Nalia had been called back- but she was no longer receptive to the Lords above. A large part of unmarked time had passed in the afterlife …. And it was starting to become unsettling for the Lords.


Is she ready? “ asked Lord Gerald. Lord Gerald was one of the leaders who reigned in the after-life. Many often joked and called him the “Lord of All’s second hand man,” – but it really wasn’t a joke. Lord Gerald had the ultimate connection to the leader of the so called “Heavens.” If you needed to get a message- Gerald was the one you spoke with.

“This is her fifth time on Earth’s land,” responded Maliki, an Earth angel. “I’ve been watching Nali and trying to send her messages. I think she’s blocked us,” she concurred.

“I just don’t know what to do. We really need Nali up here. She carries a wisdom within in heart like no other. We are hurting without her,” said Lord Gerald. “Parts of Earth are blacking out. I can’t see the hearts of so many. People are hurting. Corruption is breaking out like a virus. We need Nali. She has better eyes for these issues,” he solemnly explained.

“We used to have contact with her. She could feel my vibrations. I could feel her heart reaching out to me. But after the last few times Nali’s been down there, it’s like she’s forgotten about us. I was hoping she would remember us by now,” remarked Maliki.


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