Poetry : That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear

That Haunted Breath Upon my Ear

The memories haunt my nighttime dreams…
The images are as raw as the flesh upon Adam and Eve’s skin.
Fear withers into my mind when your voice breathes upon my ear.
It is like you are still here –
When you are the one that I fear
to be near.

Why do you come to see me
in this dreamscape…
When it was all of the anxiety
that I wanted to escape?

Every scene feels so real…
The warm moist air upon my ear,
the salty cool water from
my fresh tear….

Much time has passed
since I heard your voice last,
but your taunting spirit somehow
haunts the dreams that lie upon my bed pillow.

Why are you here?
Why have you come?

Don’t you realize what you’ve done?
Those past memories have materialized into
a false mascarade…
Sometimes, I long for what used to be-
But this is my reality that has come.

I lay awake waiting for the safety of my sunlight,
the rising dawn.
So that all of the haunts you whispered in my ear
will unravel, and I will no longer
have come undone…

Ariana Cherry 2016

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