Dark Poetry: Uncharted Paths

dark woods

Uncharted Paths
Upon the pondering of her pen
and awakening from an unplanned rest,
A young girl took upon herself a mission of travel.
A travel in which she would perhaps become lost…
or one, that she might become found…
Something that could claim to be a vacation of her mind,
or an escape from her spirit…
Although, before much planning had been underway,
she found she had led herself astray…
Within a dark forest
the young girl began to slowly walk through
some long forgotten trails.
The darkness was thick and black,
and the air…heavy.
Her tired eyes attempted to search for a faint light of hope.
A fear of getting lost among the trees became very real.
Stepping through the damp earth,
faint sounds of people’s voices played
in and out of her sensitive ears…
Sometimes the murmurs became very loud and urgent,
while other times, it was close to a faint whisper…
But once silence would strike,
An angry boisterous shout would bellow in agony,
startling the girl to the very core of her soul.
These forgotten haunted woods toyed with
the fears of her very innocent mind.
While the voices were indeed making a presence,
There were no physical bodies to claim them…
Perhaps they were just all memories
being kept prison in the branches of the forest trees…
Or was it a past, trying for one last chance
to relinquish some part of life?
The young girl trampled on through the darkness of the woods,
with an invisible smog of angry haunts and whimpering memories…
She could only hope for the rescue of the moonlight
or the warmth of the arms from a rising sun.
As long as the buried memories hung from the
branches of the forest trees,
She would forever be sealed in the fate
of these haunted woods
trailing through the uncharted paths
of her dark mind.
-Ariana R. Cherry 2016


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