POETRY: A Tribute to Moms on Mother’s Day: “A WOMAN CALLED MOM”


A Woman Called Mom

Nurturing women have been a part of the story for all of our lives.

The caring…
The emotional one…
She – the almighty one,

Who bent down to kiss our knees.
It might have seemed she was fearless,
but from time to time,
the powerful lady got scared too.

In the quiet moments, she sang soft tunes,
and hummed harmonious music.

She would flip her hair, whether it was nervously or to show she didn’t care.

This nurturing woman provided a warm home and heart.
She fought to keep it together,
and not to let anything tear it apart.

This woman is a part of you
and she lives on forever
through all of your memories.

The woman whose role has stood tall throughout the ages of Earth.

She is called MOM-
with her and everything she stands for,
She shapes and is the mold
that keeps it together.
– Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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