Poetry: Shine a Light

Posted: June 14, 2016 in Dark Poetry, Inspirational Poetry
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Shine a Light

The cursor on the screen blinks on…and off…and on…
Does she write what’s really on her mind?
Will she dare share the thoughts that are hidden behind a dark wall,
or does she turn on a light
and let is shine?

A few words typed out on a keyboard,
displaying thoughts, secrets and emotions…
but then erased,
Fear for the world will judge.

It’s so hard to be an open book,
when the world is so quick to close it.

Seconds, minutes…hours go by,
deciding whether to share a story,
Sometimes real words are too much,
as the world goes by,
being numbed by the media…

It’s so hard to be real in a world
that disguises itself in front of a mirror…

This world that she knows is nothing but real,
but to be seen, sometimes a mask has to be worn,
because others are too afraid to see the truth,
Or to see an open soul with a loving heart.

We are the ones who try to stand tall…
but often end up, feeling so small…

We are the ones who try to bring truth,
but are drowned in a pool of lies.

We are the ones who try to bring a positive light from the sun,
But it can be so hard to shine,
When the darkness has risen and the day has just begun.

-Ariana R. Cherry 2016



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