Poetry: Burning the Embers









Burning the Embers

Through the flames of the rising burning fire,
she saw all the glory that awaited her.
The embers burned with all of the
haunting memories of a haunted past
as they were swept away
in the cold breezy air.

Every ember was a moment in time,
each spark,
a part of the trauma
that once held her prisoner
as it attempted to destory
an already broken heart

Growing flames arose all around her.
She danced all around the tantalizing fire,
feeling the heat engulfing her hungry soul…

A magical malignant power from above overcame
her awakened spirit
and finally, every single toxin was released…
Every tear, trickled down
which washed her face,
and baptized her heart…

and within just seconds,
the sweltering fire dissipated.
And she breathed
for the first time…

– Ariana R. Cherry 2016

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