Life on Pause: What is Your Purpose in Life?


I’m not much of a daytime television type of person, but on my lunch break during the week, I watch a favorite soap opera of mine and then sometimes – a talk show called, “The Talk” on CBS. Most of the time, it is usually gossip about entertainment, but the other day, they actually discusssed a topic with some substance. They laid this question on the table: “What is your purpose in life?” This actually brought a great light to the show for about 10 minutes and it was nice to see the ladies around the table have a deep discussion… And most of their answers included everything from making people happy, making people laugh, being a mother – or even being a sister. Their answers were truly heartfelt.

After listening to them – that got me thinking too. What is my purpose in life? Actually, I have questioned this to myself I think ever since I was a teenager. I was one of those kids who liked to have deep discussions and everyone thought I was weird for doing so. Usually at 14 and 15 – or heck even 13 – not everyone was thinking about their life’s purpose – they were interested in boys, make-up and who was at the pool… My nose was mostly stuck in books and thinking about life.

Ever since I was a young child, I loved to write. It has always carried with me. I still write to this day – but mostly I write poetry and blog entries. I am trying my hand at a novel or two. They are currently in the works and probably will be for some time.

Since writing has been such a large part of my life – I figure it has something to do with my purpose. I have always felt it was my purpose to inspire others through my writing. I want others to think more about life and see all the ways life can be- whether it be through light, darkness, imagination, the mind or just experiences in general. I can write in various styles. I have written inspirational, some religious, humorous, narrative, annoying rhyme poetry, Haiku’s and even horror. But in each one – I try to convey a message somewhere within the poetry – even if it is somewhere between the lines. I have always felt my purpose is to inspire…

But I don’t think we are given just one purpose throughout our life. I believe we are given  mulitple purposes in life as we grow. As children, our purpose may be to be there for a friend or teach our own family members lessons as they see us live our lives. Sometimes we have a purpose while we are in school – to fight against bullying or maybe make an inpression on certain teachers…

As we get older – and grow into adulthood, our purpose may be to teach someone about love or to be parents. Our purpose may be found in the workforce…

There are so many things we can do in life to make our mark. But I think the challenge for some is to not get caught up in the materialistic items in life – sometimes money and certain items can cloud our vision. And then we lose sight. It is our purpose to stay on track and keep doing what we were all destined to do. God did give each of us a purpose- and none of those purposes are insignificant… If we all keep listening to our heart and that voice inside of us, it will say what our purpose is…. It just depends if we are listening.


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