Life on Pause: Inspirational Novel


For those of you who have been following my blog, “Life on Pause,” it now will be a book for  you to add to your collection. Life on Pause has been a theraputic blog that I have been posting in for over a year or so. It is  a collection of my thoughs at recent events and the total upheavel my life took – but I am still telling myself – it was for the best.

I hope that this collection can provide some inspiration, insight and hopefully helpful advice for others who may have went or are going through a similar situation…

Life is a place where we learn every day… Lessons are present, and we spend life, evaluating those lessons. In the  middle of life, we meet people  while following our path and being faithful servants to the One who gave us this life.

I have spent some time pondering why I had to endure such pain, but I think it could be part of a larger picture that I am still trying to see all of. Perhaps I am to take this lesson so that maybe one day, I can pass my  wisdom onto others – just as some of my older -yet wiser friends have done for me…And I think this book, “Life on Pause,” is just the beginning of that.

Stay tuned…. when I have published my book, it will be available right here….




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