Life on Pause: A World in Despair


I am not quite sure what is going on with the world at this moment, but I do know that so many are hurting across the world – and there is a lot of resentment and anger in many people’s hearts….

Last night, a resident of Nice, France just plows hundreds of people over during one of their country’s most prominent celebrations… Killing so far 84 and injuring many more – some of them including children – they were all innocent bystanders…

In Turkey, Martial Law has been declared as a group tries to overthrow the government….

There have been a number of terrorist attacks to unsuspecting people -even one at an airport that leaves me wondering just how secure people really are in public facilities…

In the United States, there has been plenty of anger and hate between races, police and groups…Blacks against whites, people against police officers…..I feel like I have taken a trip back to the 50’s and 60’s when the black and whites were at war then. Of course -perhaps maybe that war never ended?

As I was texting my father, his words are, “The world is in chaos.” Indeed – utter chaos is what it is. Somehow, we have got to find peace between this all. I just don’t know where to start. We all can be in prayer together, and while I am a believer in Christ – and in prayer- it just makes me feel like we need something even bigger than prayer….

Things usually have to get pretty bad before things get better – but to me – this is pretty bad – I can’t even fathom what could be worse…

People need to learn to love again- because I think so many have forgotten how. We all come from the same source -nobody is any better than the next person. We need to be reminded that we are all brothers and sisters in this together. Stop the war on hate….



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